Friday, March 21, 2008

Bugging Out Part 1

Are you ready to bug out(run and hide) if TSHTF and you can't stay at your place(over crowding, too many looters, roving packs nearby, etc). Are you ready to head for the hills???
You will probably answer yes but let me say this:

Remember in a real bad TEOTWAWKI situation you won't have much time to pack your survival stuff.
It's okay to have the bulk of your stuff in cupboards, etc but what if you haven't got time to pack everything. What if you have to leave in a minute or two??
What if there is MAJOR trouble coming your way and you know damn well that you haven't got a show of surviving if you stick around(like say a large gang is heading in your direction and they have caused nothing but mayhem so far).
If you have to go wouldn't it be nice to not have to run around packing suitcases and bags, organizing the kids stuff, family documents and all your preps??
Well you can be much more organized by following this advice:

. Make a BOB(BugOutBag) for every family member which includes important meds, spare clothing, food, water, lighters/matches, candles, survival blanket, pocket knife and large shealth knife, maps, books on wilderness survival, etc. For the kids just pack some toys, snacks, SELECTED stuff animals(great comfort for them), blanket, spare clothes, etc.

. Have large bags, etc already set to "throw" your major preps into in a hurry

. Have all important documents in ONE bag or brieftcase and have it handy

. Have a drill where you see how fast you can be ready to go and work on it til you are happy

That's all for now but this article will be continued tomorrow when I recover from my writers block!!!
Tomorrow: How to get to the wilderness and what to do once you arrive!

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