Saturday, July 19, 2008

Post Apocalytic Moonshine

I found this link and it got me thinking about how once TSHTF and gas isn't readily available home-made moonshine would come in handy for both barter and bio fuel.
I know there are laws in certain states/areas(not here in NZ though)restricting the brewing of booze but I'm talking post TSHTF.
It has been recorded that back in the day moonshiners used to run there vehicles on booze!! Makes sense as corn moonshine is basically pure ethanol.
Maybe once things get bad we can still maintain certain machines by running them on home brew.
I personally am against large scale bio fuel production as it is the cause of food shortages, etc but on a small scale it could really be beneficial for the homesteading survivalist.I don't mean for running a fleet of cars or anything.
I mean for things like running rototillers, pumps, chainsaws, etc and it could also be burnt in oil lamps.

Anyway here's the link to the website.

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John Wesley said...

Interesting ideas. I suspect there will be plenty who just want to drink the stuff, so having some for barter is a great idea.